Dr. Tauber 7/5/09

The new 2011 WUSV – Universal Sieger Competition

in Austria


1) The Universal Sieger will be determined in a single competition consisting of the

combination of a SchH3 tournament and a special Breed Show.

2) The award of the Universal Sieger title will be determined from the combination of results

from both events. Only those dogs participating in both events will receive a ranking.

3) The participants will be ranked according to their performances in the SchH tournament

and the Breed Show (males/bitches will be separate).

4) Participants will receive points equal to their ranking in the SchH tournament. In case of

a tie, the higher protection score will determine the placing, and then the obedience score.

5) In the Breed Show, dogs will be evaluated and placed as in an ordinary Breed Show. This

will be done separately for males and bitches.

6) The Universal Sieger competitors will be separated by sex but not by age in the Breed

Show. Dogs will be placed in order but no critique or show rating will be given. It is

possible to have a separate critique upon request.

7) The participants will be awarded points for the show placing in the same manner as in #4.

8) The points awarded in the SchH tournament and in the Breed Show will be added

together. The participants with the best results (ideal score is 1+1=2) will be awarded the

Universal Sieger title (males/bitches). The other participants will be listed according to

increasing combined scores.

9) In case of a tie, the best placing in the SchH tournament will determine the winner.

10) Dogs that do not receive a passing score in the SchH tournament will be placed at the

bottom of the list without regard to the actual number of points received.

Prerequisites for participation in the WUSV-Universal Sieger competition

1) The participants must be nominated by their respective national club.

2) There must be proof that the nominated dogs possess the following prerequisites:

• Valid SchH 3 title

• Minimum show rating of “Good“ at the age of at least 12 months

• Certified hips: HD – “a”

• Certified elbows: ED – “a”

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